Forum Rules : Read before posting!

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Forum Rules : Read before posting!

Post by Scoot on Tue May 16, 2017 4:40 pm

Thanks for registering and welcome to the forum: Namek! Before posting, please review the following list of rules.

  1. Here at Namek we strive for a more mature environment. That being said, content must be "Safe for work." We expect that topics such as religion, sexual preference, race, politics, nudity, etc are not posted. Show respect to your fellow members. This includes private messages as well.
  2. Follow typical forum etiquette with your posts. Double posting and leaving short/spammy replies that don't add anything to the conversation is not accepted. You can use the edit button to add something to your post. Remain on topic to the original post.
  3. We don't promote any illegal ways of watching the show or obtaining merchandise related to the show.
  4. Your account is your responsibility. You will be held accountable for anything posted on it.
  5. Please use English for all posts. We understand not everyone speaks English as their first language. As long as you are understandable or provide a translation.. you are fine!
  6. When sharing an image/video you are responsible for anything a member could encounter on that site. I recommend using imgur to host your images.
  7. Do not post any personal information out in public.
  8. Keep profanity to a minimum.
  9. Staff positions and ranks are earned. Don't ask for one.

Please use the report button on any posts that violate these terms.
Rules are up to the interpretation of the Admin/Mod.
Rules are subject to change in the future. Announcements will be made in that case. Enjoy your stay!

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